Allen & Allen Hoopla 3 on 3 - Sportsmanship Agreement

The Allen & Allen Hoopla 3 on 3 not only requires but also expects good sportsmanship throughout tournament play.  Good sportsmanship requires all participants, spectators, court monitors, and tournament officials to show a mutual respect for one another both on and off the court.  A competitive environment is highly encouraged but poor sportsmanship will not be accepted.  This will be strictly enforced and failure to behave in an appropriate manner will result in immediate action.  Poor sportsmanship could lead to penalties against the team in either the technical, intentional or flagrant foul categories.  It could also result in disqualification of a particular player or an entire team from a single game or from the remainder of the tournament.  This is left to the sole discretion of a court monitor, court marshal, or tournament official.  Their decision is final.  As a team captain or designated parent/coach you are required to help control your team member’s behavior and act as the sole spokesperson for the team in case of appeals to the court monitor.

As part of the sportsmanship agreement, we require your team to show up for ALL of your games.  If your team forfeits any scheduled games, including consolation games, the team will be subject to disqualification from the event and may be banned from next year’s tournament.

Team entry fees are non-refundable and entries are non-transferable, no exceptions.

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